EMPIRE BOARD OF REALTISTS®, INC. The Atlanta Chapter of The National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB)

Empire Board of Realtists, Inc | Donor Honor Roll

The Empire Board of Realtists, Inc. is grateful to our donors. To display our gratitude, effective June 2019, we started the Empire Board of Realtists Donor Honor Roll. Many donors choose to support specific programs or projects such as the work of our outstanding Young Realtists Division (YRD), The EREB Foundation Inc., or community outreach programs. Others donate to the Empire Board of Realtist's building funds which allow for flexibility to support building renovations, fundraising expenses and office supply needs. These generous contributions ensure our continuing success in promoting "Democracy in Housing" for all real estate professionals.

2019 Donor Honor Roll

Batiste, Lawrence

Caldwell, Lindsey

CRE Online Ventures, LLC

Crump, Christopher

Ferguson, Corey

Forman, D'iandria

Ellis, Ernest

Jones, Arthur | AJ Productions, Inc.

Jones, Janelle

Jordan, Scott

Kaistyled Consulting, LLC

Keeler, Al

Kirk, Cassandra

Shareef, Bilal

Saleem, Ihsan

Townsend & Lockett, LLC

Vinson, Shaniqua