Empire Board of Realtists®, Inc.
The Atlanta Board of The National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB)



Communicate with political officials and to apprise them of our political position and how relevant legislation will affect our members. This committee reviews legislation and recommends political action to protect the interests the Board's members and promote advocacy on their behalf. Committee Chairperson: OPEN


Assume that the office building is properly maintained, and that the environment is conducive for conducting regular meetings and social functions. Committee will set periodic intervals for thorough inspections to take preventive measures for any potential maintenance problems. Get proposals and make recommendations for building renovations, expansion, landscaping, inside and outside lighting, parking lot, building maintenance, first aid kit and fire extinguisher, etc. Committee Chairperson: CLOSED


Send cards, and/or flowers to sick and shut-in members, and to the immediate family of deceased members. Committee members are encouraged to visit sick members and attend funerals if possible. Acknowledges illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths in the various publications of EBR. Committee Chairperson: Kerry Sidberry, Email


Monitor and enforce the Code of Ethics as determined by the EBR. Committee must bring forth any ethics violations of members to the Board of Directors for review, endorsement, and support of the Board. Committee Chairperson: OPEN


Committee is responsible for updating and keeping the Constitution/By-Laws current and correct. Must possess the ability to interpret and articulate the Constitution/By-Laws to members and/or outside organizations and officials whenever necessary. Committee Chairperson: Archie Emerson


Plan and coordinate the general activities for EBR. These activities include but are not limited to, general board meetings. Realtists Week, community awareness programs, etc. Responsible for preparing written programs and reports, also securing speakers with needed information for Realtists. Committee Chairperson: Amy McCoy, Email


Design novel and innovative methods of attracting new members to the organization through membership drives, social events, notices and newspapers/flyers/radio, etc. Committee must review all applications and check references for membership approval. Contact new members to welcome to the Board and encourage committee participation. Membership retention consists of contacting old members to encourage involvement. Certify roster prior to elections, enforce rules governing the membership and recommend new rules where necessary for conciseness. Must keep the Board informed of any updated information and handle membership orientation. Membership Orientation informs new members of the history of EBR, existing committees and policies, rule and regulations.  The committee shall also provide an overview and a thorough presentation of all of the organization's annual and current activities, i.e., mid-winter conferences, annual conventions of NAREB, annual awards dinner, million dollar club, etc. Design novel and innovative methods of attracting new members ot the organization. Committee Chairperson(s): Ronnie Devoe, Email


Insure the EBR will be current on the latest equipment, marketing tools, and technological trends in the real estate market.  The committee will also be responsible for recommending Instructors, Marketers, and market information to Education Committee.  The committee is also responsible for insuring the building has the most efficient and technologically advanced systems. Committee Chairperson: Bilal Shareef, Email


Research, identity and create ideas for fundraising ventures, in addition to EBR's existing projects, with the goal of attracting the public's interest and generating new sources of income for EBR.  The committee must be conscientious of timing, and ensuring that fundraisers and uniquely different and have potential for success.


The Women Council contributes to the growth and professional enhancement of its members and the communities we serve.  WC also plays a viable support role in our parent organization NAREB as its strongest affiliate.  The Women Council offers financial literacy education for the public, educational scholarships for youth, leadership designations for our members, and exchange of ideas through networking.  The WC is a non-profit organization that focuses on the community and its grassroots effect.  With over 15 actively working chapters nationwide, the WC is growing larger and stronger in the community to homeowners, potential buyers and sellers, as well as our members on a daily basis. Chairperson: Audrey Milam 
Visit the WC Website


The NID (NAREB INVESTMENT DIVISION) was founded in 1985 as an affiliate of the NAREB. The purpose and mission is to support and help implement urban affordable housing and community development programs that will make urban communities places that are welcoming to businesses and an ethnically and socially diverse workforce. NID has developed and implements model high school and community college financial literacy programs, foreclosure prevention/homeowner preservation programs. Committee Chairperson: OPEN


If you are interested in conquering your fears of public speaking, or being a more effective public speaker it's time to start now with EBR Toastmasters Club! By Joining EBR Toastmasters Club, you will learn to communicate more effectively, become a better listener, as well as improve your presentation skills, and increase your leadership potential. Members of EBR's Toastmasters Club become more successful in their careers, and build their ability to motivate and persuade others. Toastmasters programs are inexpensive, interactive, convenient, friendly and supportive. Committee Chairperson: Cherryl Harris, Email


Supervise the Board's personnel, including the Assistant to the President.  The committee will ensure that the Assistant's responsibilities are clearly defined, orally and in writing, and that the duties are performed per job-the job description.  A periodic review of the Assistant performance will be completed, which includes recommendations for improvement and or salary increases. Committee Chairperson: Open


Find opportunities to enhance the public's awareness of the organization and its offerings by a goal-oriented marketing plan.  Make presentations to various community groups, businesses, professional, societies, etc. regarding the EREB School of Real Estate, fundraisers, housing projects, and other important information and or projects.  Publicize the Board activities through various media such as notices in newspapers/flyers/radio/television.  Produce and distribute monthly newsletter. Committee Chairperson(s): Terin Branhan, Email


Collects data as it pertains to real estate and the Empire Board past  When interviewing, the Interviewer must be mindful of the atmosphere in America and in the real estate industry during the past president's tenure.  This information should include photo, videos and items collected from family members and friends of our Board of Directors.  Printed material is necessary to complete this project.  The purpose is to eventually produce an EBR History Book and Video. Committee Chairperson: Jerry Ladipo, Email


The Young Realtist Division (YRD) assist EBR in membership recruitment and development through their efforts to Community outreach for youth. Provide information and encourage college students to join the real estate industry. Provide membership orientation to new members. Encourage participation in all events. Committee Chairperson: Bilal Shareef, Email


To promote the inclusion and representation of minorities within the planning and development of community development projects located in high-density urban area where its members are actively engaged in development and brokerage of real estate.  The United Council of Developers dba The United Developers Council 501(c) 3 non-profit organization activities include, but are not limited to promoting education, economic development and social entrepreneurs in urban neighborhoods.  UDC provides training on current development trends.  Market Trend Development classes are offered at Mid-Winter, Annual Regional NAREB Conferences.  UDC promotes transforming communities through partnerships with various municipalities, local universities, community development groups, faith-based organizations, Lending Institutions, and Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI).  UDC encourages collaboration between experienced and novice Developers to promote to success of projects.  Participants who complete the stringent course curriculum receive a designation as a United Developers Consultant.  The UDC designation training is currently offered yearly. Committee Chairperson: OPEN


The National Society of Real Estate Appraisers, INC. (NSREA) was organized in the state of California in 1956.  Our members are in most of the larger cities in the USA, most of which are licensed real estate practitioners.  Many have obtained advanced college or university training and are well known as appraisers in their communities.  Because of the fact that our membership has worked and lived primarily in urban areas of the cities of our nation, we are recognized as being highly knowledgeable as to the values of properties in and around such areas.  This fact increased the possibility that we would be called on to aid in the development activities form. Committee Chairperson: Thaddeus Dawson, Email