Empire Board of Realtists®, Inc.
The Atlanta Board of The National Association of Real Estate Brokers, Inc. (NAREB)

2019 Empire Board | Hip Hop & Real Estate

2019 Hip Hop & Real Estate Symposium – Atlanta, GA


Atlanta, GA


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What We Do

We Councel

The Empire Board of Realtists® conducts commercial real estate, general membership, and young Realtist® meetings on a monthly basis. Our affiliates...Women's Council of EBR, EBR School of Real Estate, Young Realtist Division, National Society of Real Estate Appraisers and More...

We Represent

Realtists® Are...Communities of color in all professional disciplines within the real estate industry including Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Originators, Real Estate Attorneys, Appraisers, Home & Pest Inspectors, Property Managers, Real Estate Instructors, Insurance Professionals, Handyman, and More...  

We Advocate

Realtists® advocate for public policies that protect and expand sustainable affordable housing and home ownership, and have a special charge to make certain that communities of color are treated with dignity and respect.